Dangerous Redemption

Dangerous Redemption

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Publisher: Pink Flamingo
ISBN: 9781935897361
Publication: 01/2011
Format: ebook EPUB
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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He spots her in a nightclub dancing a sexy salsa, hips bumping and grinding to the heavy beat. Her singular beauty and hot Latin passion have him mesmerized. But it’s not until she takes him home to an abandoned part of town that the action gets truly serious. Buttons start popping, the strip tease begins, and suddenly a pair of handcuffs appear, and Mark is helplessly cuffed to her bed. Regardless of the danger he faces with this formidable dominatrix, the Goddess Julia has him firmly in her grasp and he’s too dazed to stop her. Over the next 24 hours she initiates him into the world of feminine domination, introducing him to bondage, whipping, degradation, even mock asphyxiation, from which he believes he’ll not recover. Julia is not your dimestore sadist; her demented vision goes far deeper than simple bdsm play. However, this time, Goddess Julia finds herself uniquely intrigued by this latest victim. Rather than dispatch him as she usually does with her slaves, she sets him free to ‘think about’ the life she offers him as her personal slave. She dares him to return. However, have his ‘freedom’ is no easy out for Mark. She’s drained his bank account. His cock is locked in chastity cage. And though he knows that he should take off and never look back, Mark’s obsessed with the humiliation, with bondage, pain, and the intoxicating Goddess Julia. Returning to her lair, he joins her male slaves in a specially equipped dungeon. His own cell. A new name, Marcy. He knows his life will never be the same, and still he’s there. Again and again, Goddess takes him to the limits of his endurance, while he witnesses firsthand the intense nature of the woman’s madness. Plagued by her sinister demons, she’s on a personal mission to redeem herself from their control. But will her quest lead redemption or demise for this powerful female and her newest slave? A highenergy, action packed story for Femdom readers into Hardcore BDSM. Not for the uninitiated reader.