The Artist

The Artist

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Publisher: None
ISBN: 9781942331346
Publication: 04/2015
Format: ebook EPUB
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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Erotic fiction


Adele Noel, daughter of billionaire Reginald Noel, is studying art at a University in Paris. Now in her final year, she attends a film class where she views the infamous ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Inspired by this sexually graphic movie, she gives up her art to launch a film studio in New York once she graduates, producing erotic movies like “Last Tango, with daddy bankrolling the business. In the meantime, she takes on numerous lovers of both sexes. With inspiration from ‘Last Tango’, she adds anal sex to her favorite pastime in several ongoing lesbian liaisons – including the beautiful nude model from her art class and her father’s young wife. Her hetero side includes hot romps with male students, her graduate professor and a male sub belonging to the art class model. Adele soon finds anal with men an ultimate spiritual experience in expressing one’s love.