The Key To Feminine Contentment

The Key To Feminine Contentment

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Publisher: Pink Flamingo
ISBN: 9781939916808
Publication: 03/2014
Format: ebook EPUB
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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Erotic fiction


From the famed other of the Slut Boy Stories, Lance Edwards is back and better than ever with ever more short stories of licentious ladies, voluptuous vixens and depraved dommes in The Key to Feminine Contentment. Big Linda Skrue, from Big Linda’s Midnight Visits and Other Femdom Stories, is back in Heavy Activity. Kyle, clearly a naive young man, is trying to get Big Linda’s attention at the health club she owns. Does Big Linda blow Kyle’s mind as she has with so many others? Terry, an unsophisticated college freshman, meets Caitlin at a party. What happens in Lower Education will enlighten him more than any boring professor ever could. In the title story, The Key to Feminine Contentment, Andrew unassumingly agrees to whatever his luscious wife, Taylor, wants for her birthday after he’s already forgotten their first anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Does Taylor get her revenge for his forgetfulness? Will Andrew survive her birthday celebration?